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 iChris' GM application!

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iChris' GM application! Empty
PostSubject: iChris' GM application!   iChris' GM application! EmptySat Sep 04, 2010 5:39 pm

Name: Christian, or Chris.

IGN(s): iChris.

Applying for: Any open Gm position. Even level 1 gm.

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Location/Timezone: New York, EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Available time in-game: Mostly every time I get, usually after school or all day weekends.

Experience: I have 3 years experience, I've been a GM in many different servers. I have been GM in soulms and I know Johnny and Dave very well. Smile

Notes: I never go power crazy, I can't argue(even if I tried). I can do more events than usual. I always follow the rules and if I do something wrong, correct me if needed, I will always follow directions. I can spy perfectly on people I've banned many hackers in my GM days. I'm always cool, calm, and collected. If confronted with a problem I always ask another GM for assistance. I wouldn't fight with another GM. You won't regret making me GM. I can help anyone with any type of problem. I love my community. I'll be the greatest person you'll ever know, unless you have a bad start with me, you better watch out. Even if I joke around alot, I am very serious when it comes to GM buisness. I also had a server of my own, but shutdown very soon because of prices. Link here:

Always here,

E-Mail: (Don't spam me)
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iChris' GM application!
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