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 To Confederate.

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PostSubject: To Confederate.    Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:48 pm

Confederate wrote:


You, no doubt, hate me.

You say I burden you.

So leave. Leave, and both of us will be happy.

Leave, so you won't be 'burdened'.

This topic will remain locked, no other comments need to be said.

Well as of right now, you are banned from the forums.
However before that happened, I was writing this whole schpeel toward you LOL.
Since I took time to write this, it deserves to be seen by you at least.
So when you come back, it will be here.
I don't feel like decorating it with color again so... it will remain black.
Maybe I'll edited it with color again later, haha.
Please read and take it to MAJOR consideration.

HURRR, read.

Well well welll, here's Ray AGAIN trying to cause some business.
This will be my last response to this thread because frankly I'm tired of... whatever the fuck this is. LOL
It's unnecessary and you, seriously, need to calm down.
And when I say "calm down," I mean literally.
Chill the fuckkkk out. Haha Life is beautiful and you need to learn how to see it in a more colorful manner.
Right now in my opinion, you see it as black and white.

OBVIOUSLY, you're the only one stressin about things, while I'm here just chillin and enjoying my life.
Why get so worked up about something ONLINE. Right?
It's kinda funny to be honest. (:

How abouttttttt, I don't leave.
And since you don’t go In-Game anymore, I would like to inform you that I am a GM.
This means I have obligations toward this server now, and I do not plan on letting my fellow staff members down.
So if you have a problem with how Anna or I act, then simply stop visiting the forums, since that all you really contribute to the server now.

And let me adddd, I don’t hate people. (:
Hate is a strong word, dear.
You are just a very difficult person to deal with, nuff said.
YES I agree, you burden me, but that is because I have to continue “arguing” with your smart ass attitude and your obsession with grammatical errors.
I guess you can’t tell the difference, but we’re not in school and we’re not being graded on how we type on the internet. If you’re honestly going to be so ANAL about how people type on the forums, then gtfo the internet hun, it’s everywhere.
At least I have the decency of not TLKING LYK DIS.

You can do whatever you want mayne, no one's stoppin you.
All I really ask is that you chill out with things and enjoy life.
Life is not a competition, and you don't have to prove yourself, or us, of anything.
People would be more courteous and kind to you if you weren’t such a smart ass all the time.
Or what you have been labeled in the past, a person with a “stick up their ass.”
You’re 13 years old and you have SO MUCH a head of you.
You have the rest of your adulthood to be as prick about vocabulary, being a smart ass, and even in general caring about all this shit that you obviously care SO MUCH about.
Please, don’t throw away your childhood for something so unnecessary, you will regret it.
For us, we don't ask anything of you but to enjoy the community and server with us.
If you simply can't get along with people then that's your fault.
I can easily get along with people if they reciprocate the same kindness that I am willing to give them.

Alright, so you have a "habit" of correcting people’s grammar.
So be it, however you also need to learn how to keep things to yourself at times.
This is the internet, meaning who the fuck cares how others type.
In terms of the applications, I guess that's fine since they are supposed to be semi-formal.
But reality check Ray, it doesn’t make you look more intellectual or more mature by being an anal grammar/spelling snob.

Alright, that seriously explains everything.
Nothing more needs to be said on my part.

Good luck with life and I hope you take my words into consideration.
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To Confederate.
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