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 Beast's GM Application.

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Beast's GM Application. Empty
PostSubject: Beast's GM Application.   Beast's GM Application. EmptySat Sep 04, 2010 6:28 pm

What are you applying for: LightMS GM Beast's GM Application. 26t2r5d

Beast's GM Application. 2fyfcx7 Name: Andrea Ling

Age: 14 years young Beast's GM Application. 2urqhvf

Beast's GM Application. 2bq247x Location/Timezone: British Columbia, Canada/GMT-8, PST (Pacific)

Hours Of Activity: I am seriously in l♥️ve with this server, and I have no life. When I come home from school (3:30ish PM), I get on and am online until I go to sleep, which is 12:00AM ish.Beast's GM Application. 22uttuq

Beast's GM Application. 22t3l2p Beast's GM Application. 25uxpg6E-mail: (I made it when I was like, 8. LOL Sunday Girls FTW?) Feel free to add me to talk, please just tell me who you are :]

Hobbies: Uh. Playing LMS is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig one. I like drawing, I draw comics a lot, ask Ray/Justine. o_o I like to listen to music, I almost killed myself (lolnotreally) when I lost my iPod. ;-; I like to watch videos, make videos, MapleStory GFX (hence all the pictures in this app), cooking, playing other games, like RPG (Final Fantasy) and other games too. I like Professor Layton. And I like hanging out with friends. o-o And who can forget eating? But what I love most is DOING EVENTS! <3 and painting! (with a pencil)Beast's GM Application. 2u3c53t

Beast's GM Application. 2venkz8How you would handle a hacker: I'd screenshot first (obviously) just in case they idiotically (sp) post a ban appeal claiming they didn't hack. I'd then post that screenshot and have them be like oh shit. Then I'd ban them, providing a valid reason, not just "Hacking", I would say what kind of hack they used. I hope to catch many hackers because hacking is wrong and pathetic, especially on a private server. Okay, this answer is starting to sound really generic. D:

If two people were fighting, what would you do?: I would tell them to stop, or else be jailed. If they continue, then I would get very angry and frustrated and jail them, then watch them for a while. If they still fight, I would warp them to some isolated place where no one (except for other GMs) can get to, like that map Southern Field or something. Anyways, I'd then talk to each of the quarrelers and sort things out. I will try to solve it to the best of my ability. If they STILL fight after this, I would ban them for like 1 day or something. Fighting is bad! D:<Beast's GM Application. 24jxun6

Beast's GM Application. 33uec4zHow many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?: I have been a GM, in a server called LinarianMS (shut down), the owner was going away for a few days so he made me a GM to keep the players entertained, and I did a good job, so he gave me the job permanently. (: so I am familiar with (some of, since LightMS has much more) the commands. And ElektroMS, which was never released to the public, it was just for testing. And most importantly, I was a GM for a short time in LightMS beta. So I know the commands for event starting and other stuff like that. As for Admin; none.

Why should we choose you: I think you should choose me because I meet most (if not all) of the requirements for being a GM. I have been told I am happy and that I'm cool (lolJustine), and I'm also a GIRL! There's not a lot of female GM's, actually, if you think about it. Katty's a cool, happy, sexy, awesome female too, though, so you should choose her! <3 Lastly, LMS is easily the best server I've played on. It's unique, and fun. Oh and, one other thing: I want to see equipment/items that I or other people have never laid their eyes on. I'm sure everyone else applying for GM also wants to do this, and "abuse" the commands such as seduce, and warphere. I'm not going to act all innocent like "oh i want to help everyone as a gm i'm going to be a really good gm, and im going to catch all hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not gonna do anything bad as a gm i promise!!!!!!!!!!!#%#^" because they probably want to do the same thing I do. But I will help any newbies in need. (And catch hackers and other bad people.)Beast's GM Application. 32t8kf7

Beast's GM Application. 38gz8vxReason you applied: I applied because I think most of the GMs hired aren't even active anymore, and sometimes the server is so boring and dead, so I want to change that and make it entertaining with lots of events when no one is on/vacation/whatever. Very Happy And LMS is hiring GMs, so why not try? I also want to help little nooblets, and help them grow into even bigger noobs. Later, they will become boobs. (LOL THANKS JUSTINE) Anyway, yeah. I like helping people, it makes me feel good inside. <3

Summary of yourself: Err, my name is Andrea, I'm 14 years old, I like playing the computer. I LOVE events. I can't live without them. I am generally happy.Beast's GM Application. 2g5azdk

Beast's GM Application. 2umh742Extra Info: I love those shoes "Olive Green Kicks". I just really like it. o_o And...I really like eating. I eat like 024958034985034985 plates when we go to buffets. LMAO. I'm HYPER. I talk in MAJOR caps when I'm with my friends. I'm easily trusting. I only tell my problemos to my CLOSE friends. What else can I put here...?

How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?: 365 days and a bit...I THINK.Beast's GM Application. 299bbln

IGN: BeastBeast's GM Application. 2amj48j

Beast's GM Application. 2bp96he
Simple questions.

1. Do you know the players/staff well enough to be chosen? (This doesn't mean have you met the GMs/spoken to them once. Do you actually KNOW them. Please stop writing "Yes" when none of us know you. Thank you):
Yes, I believe I do.
I know Anna, Johnny, Duy, Austin, Niv, and most of the ex-GM's (Ray, Eric, Tsu, etc.)
Beast's GM Application. 24ew5sv

Beast's GM Application. 2bl7yhp2. Have you been on LightMS long enough to deserve a GM position: Yes! afro :3

3. Do you help players any chance you get: Well, they don't really ask me for anything right now, but I'm sure they will if I'm hired, and I will help them to the best of my ability. :>Beast's GM Application. 254arme

Beast's GM Application. 2ewwha94. Are you of the age that is required to apply (If no you might as well delete this app now): Yes, 14 years old.

5. Please specify exactly (or around) how long you have been playing LightMS: I started on April 9, which makes it more than 4 months.Beast's GM Application. 299whxf

------------- Is it over? Is it really?
Okay, I just used my previous application from the old LMS forums (which took me a long time, like 2 hours D:)

Also, I apologize for the very ugly spacing in some of the questions. It is because the accompanying picture's dimensions are too tall so it just makes it look ugly and stupid. But at least it's unique...? (Somewhat)

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Beast's GM Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Beast's GM Application.   Beast's GM Application. EmptySat Sep 04, 2010 6:32 pm

love the design x.x it is awesome with perfection in it
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Beast's GM Application.
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