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 Biscuits Tasty Gm App (re-done more serious this time...)

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PostSubject: Biscuits Tasty Gm App (re-done more serious this time...)   Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:32 pm

What are you applying for: Gm.

Name: Alex McFadden

Age: 14

Where do you live/Timezone: Canada eh? The timezone im in is rocky mountain standard time.

How active will you be: 2hours + weekdays depending on homework. 4hours + on the weekend again depending if i hang out with friends and if i have homework.


Hobbies: Maplestory, Texting, playing Xbox.

How you'd handle a hacker : Ip ban, no second chances.

If two people were fighting, what would you do? I would find the outlying problem, then sit the two people fighting down and figure out the problem and settle it fair and equally Smile.

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in? 4. I have experience with being a GM.

Why should we choose you: Because i could be a great asset to the server i can do .wz edits im very sociable and im also very helpful if any problems should show up Smile .

Reason i applied: Too become a gm, and help other maplers.

Summary of yourself: I'm a nice well rounded guy who is willing too help if any problems show up.

Extra Info: Biscuits are tasty cyclops

How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun? 365 days. Arrow

In game name:Biscuit


1.Do you know the players/staff well enough to be chosen? I know a couple of the players i have just recently joined. In a week or so i will know them Smile.

2.Have you been on Soul MS long enough to deserve a GM position: i dont think i have and im not expecting too be made a gm right away take youre time deciding. But if you were to ask me right now my answer would be no.

3.Do you help players any chance you get: Every chance i get i will help a player too my fullest extent.

4.Are you of the age that is required to apply? yes i am im 14years old Born june 2nd 1996.

5.Please specify exactly(or around) how long you have been playing Soul MS: A day and a bit... Lol...

Thank you for reading my GM application Very Happy Have a Fantastic day (:
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PostSubject: Re: Biscuits Tasty Gm App (re-done more serious this time...)   Sat Oct 09, 2010 11:35 pm

Denied Again.

Says 1-2 word answers.

Wait at least 2-3 days before applying again.
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Biscuits Tasty Gm App (re-done more serious this time...)
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