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PostSubject: PANCAKEMIXS GM APPLICATION   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:00 pm


Name : devon lagace

Age :11

Where do you live/Timezone: london ontario

How active will you be: ill go on every day

E-Mail: devo16/

Hobbies :read

How you'd handle a hacker :band him/her

If two people were fighting, what would you do? : send them to jail

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?:0

Why should we choose you: because im helpful i dont get mad ill help anone ill donate ill vote

Reason i applied: i like events people and lots more

Summary of yourself :
i love books people hockey maple story lost of gms
Extra Info:
my fav coulor is green my birth day is decemebre 11 1996
How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?:

In game name:

(For Coders only) Can you Java code? :
If so please supply examples of what you've coded. (The actual code or screenshots of the thing you made.)

Thank you.

Simple questions. (1-2 word replies please)
1.Do you know the players/staff well enough to be chosen?(This doesn't mean have you met the GMs/spoken to them once. Do you actually KNOW them. Please stop writing "Yes" when none of us know you. Thank you):yes i know some
2.Have you been on Lucky MS long enough to deserve a GM position:yes
3.Do you help players any chance you get:yes i do
4.Are you of the age that is required to apply(if no you might as well delete this app now):yes im 14
5.Please specify exactly(or around) how long you have been playing Lucky near 2 months

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PostSubject: Re: PANCAKEMIXS GM APPLICATION   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:09 pm

this should be denied right off the back.
you're 11.
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PostSubject: Re: PANCAKEMIXS GM APPLICATION   Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:04 am

Too young. He has another application saying he is 14. He isn't mature enough and also he lies about his age. Shocked And also this application says he is 11 at the top. Than it asks him if he is the required age. He said "yes, im 14". This is a fail in my books.....
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