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 Fun events . c:

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Fun events . c: Empty
PostSubject: Fun events . c:   Fun events . c: EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 4:42 am

ohai , it's me again . O:<

Yes , i may be annoying . :s

Okay , onto the topic . ^^ <3

x - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - x

Anyways , i'm quite experienced with events since i've been a GM for a quite alot of servers .

You've probably heard of these , but i'm just suggesting anyway . <3 c:

The old and often hosted event , Jump Quest . BUT ! it's customized . <3

More challenging and fun . c:

The ' GM ' can !spawn Spiders , Jr. Necki's and Dead HT Legs ( You don't want to be dead every 5 seconds . :s ) . These are often used .
( I don't know if the GM's in this server are allowed to use hacks if they want to host events but the swim hack might come in handy . )

Easy : Ludibrium Pet walk JQ , Henesys Pet walk JQ .
Average : Those ellinia JQ's ( i forgot what they're called . ><' ) Sleepwood JQ .
Quite Hard : Kerning B2 , Zakum JQ
Hard : Ghost Chimney . ( i love this one . <3 )

Remember they're customized , Easy - Hard is your choice .

(PVP Mode ) Survival Event :

My most favorite event after JQ's .

This event can be Hosted over 30 minutes .

A particular GM opens event in the OX quiz map , make sure they close it after everyone enters .
Make sure every participant takes off their weapon , if not jail them or warp them out .
The GM then nominates 2 Players to kill . The skill that can only be used in this event is ' Hurricane '
If the 2 players do not have this skill , the GM has to !job them .

GM sets timer to 59 / 30 seconds . ( !clock )
Everyone can decide to go anywhere in the map , when timer stops the killers use hurricane to kill every player on the map . The last person standing wins .

Russian Roulette :

Objective: You have 10 seconds to step on one 'Platform' and hope for the GM to not appear on the platform you're standing on or else you'll get warped out. Yes, this event is entirely based on luck.

Location :
Hidden Street: 1st Accompaniment <4th stage>
Map ID: 103000803
OX Quiz
Map ID: 109020001

OX Quiz is slightly different than the others for an RR. First, all the participants will go to the middle of the X. After that, the participants will simply step on any part of the X and hope that the GM isn't standing on where the participants are standing on.
Ludi PQ <8th stage>
Map ID: ( i forgot )

Rules followed by participant :

This is a RR event .
You will have 10 seconds to stand on any platform .
Once you are sure about your final answer , type @emo .
Or either i will kill the map .
After that , I will resurrect everyone else and you will have another 10 seconds , and so on ..

Rules followed by the GM :

You will go in hide and stand on any box until the 10 seconds are up .
You will warp out everyone standing on your platform , and resurrect everyone else .
You will go hide after you done warping everyone standing on your box .

Tug O' War :

Two teams will be set up . A monster of the GM's choice will be set up in the middle of the selected map. Each team will try to get the monster on the end of the other team's side .

Max-Exp Event :

A gm will host a max-exp event for a period of time, where players will get a chance to level up easily.

Summoning Events :

A gm will host an Event of the monster they choose at any random time. Possible these monster could hold rare items . ( Such as Silver , Red , Yellow and Blue Slimes )

True or False Event :

A Gm will host a True or False question event. One who gets the right answer first wins a prize .
Themes are allowed .

Hide and Seek Event :

A Gm will hide on the map of his choice and give hints on which map he/she is on. The player(s) who gets there first gets a prize. Gm's may use a disguise so keep a look out . First person to find the GM wins the prize .

Whack-O-Nexon :

The GM finds a map for the event to be held in. ( Bigger = Hard , Smaller = Easy )
He/She then opens the event like usual .
Every participant goes to a corner if they don't just seduce them . ._.'
The GM then goes in hide and find a spot in the map .
When the GM says ' Go ' everyone will use normal attack to find the GM .
The first one to whack the GM with normal attack wins .

No Skills obviously
FJ allowed .

Karaoke :

Uh , quite simple .

Open event in any map you prefer , most commonly used is OX Quiz map .

GM opens up iTunes / Music Player then turn it on shuffle . ( If you want . )
The GM then sings the song ( By typing up the lyrics ) any part of the song is allowed doesn't have to be chorus or anything like that .
The participants are suppose to guess the song , the first one to guess it correctly wins .

Google is allowed .

Find Bob :

Basically like HnS but the GM spawns Bob in the map ( Mob ID : 100100 ) .

Trivia :

Similar to T/F but the GM gives out questions and you answer them correctly .

This can include :

Item guessing .
Server based questions .
GMS / KMS based questions .
Abbreviation guessing .

This is Everything that comes into my mind for nao . c

- Michelle .
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Fun events . c: Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fun events . c:   Fun events . c: EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 8:34 am

I believe Tug O' War and Find Bob are the only two we have not had before. Tug O' War is a very interesting idea. Very Happy
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Fun events . c: Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fun events . c:   Fun events . c: EmptySat Oct 02, 2010 12:31 pm

Yeah, I'm interested in Tuh O` War. 1 vote from me.
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Fun events . c: Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fun events . c:   Fun events . c: Empty

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Fun events . c:
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