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 biscuits Super tasty gm application (:

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PostSubject: biscuits Super tasty gm application (:   Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:37 pm

What are you applying for: i am applying to be among the elite and be level 3 gm Very Happy

Name : Alex McFadden*what a sexy name everyone says Wink*

Age : 14 young,single,Fresh Meat Wink

Where do you live/Timezone: Canada EH? and i am in rocky mountain standard time.

How active will you be: As active as im required too be Smile i dont care if thats 2hours or 10 ill be on. i don't care if im in bed with beyonce or sick as a dog. I will be on, i promise.


Hobbies : Chilling with my best friends Smile and chilling like a villain on maple you feeling me? Razz I also like playing some xbox once in a while MW2 <3 Shocked

How you'd handle a hacker : Ip ban no questions asked.

If two people were fighting, what would you do? : Backhand slap them Lol. then i would sit both of them down and figure out what the outlying problem is and deal with it with a fair and equitable decision sunny

How many servers have you been a GM/Admin in?: 4. So if i am blessed with becoming a gm Smile i know what im doing.

Why should we choose you: Because i can help anyone with a problem (: i am the superman of the mapleworld. NA NA NA NA SUPERMAN FLYS IN TO SAVE THE DAY Very Happy bounce

Reason i applied: Shocked Too be able too help fellow maplers like myself (:

Summary of yourself : Tasty,Super tasty, EXTRA EXTRA tasty.

Extra Info: im tasty.

How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?: 365 days. Arrow

In game name: Biscuits
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PostSubject: Re: biscuits Super tasty gm application (:   Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:39 pm

If you won't read everything before posting the app, don't post the app.

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biscuits Super tasty gm application (:
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